• Electrotherapy
• Muscle strengthening
• Wound healing
• Edema
• Pain control
• Increase circulation
• Fracture healing

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is a very useful modality for treating various orthopedic and neurological diseases, especially those causing acute and chronic pain, or muscle atrophy. It entails the application of a low level electrical current, across a muscle, which results in that muscle contracting. These muscle contractions can be used to mimic strength training for horses that have limited use of a muscle or muscle group. Electrostimulation is used to prevent atrophy post surgery or injury, or to increase strength for muscles that have been chronically underutilized. Electrostimulation is commonly used in paretic muscles or post surgically before they are weight bearing, and during re-education of ambulation.



Iontophoresis is an active transdermal drug delivery system that delivers drug ions through the skin using a low level electric current.

Direct Current is used to move a drug or therapeutically active ion through the skin. When direct current is applied to an ionized drug solution, the ions that have the same charge as the current are repelled by the current and are delivered through the skin. The aim is to drive active ions locally rather than having to inject them or have them taken systemically. The advantage is to provide local therapy to an affected area or region.


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