Performance Equine Vets provides quality veterinary services for horse owners in the southeastern united states. We continually strive to provide quality medical advice, medications and services to all of our clients, whether they live in Aiken or travel the horse show circuits.


Coggins and Health Certificates

Every horse owner needs quick Coggins and Health Certificates. Clients of Performance Equine Vets can expect fast and reliable support when in need of these documents.

Rush Coggins – PEVS offers a rush coggins service which provide next day service.



Horses require adequate dental services to stay healthy. Performance Equine Vets offers dentistry services to our clients, including tooth extractions as deemed necessary by the veterinarian.



Vaccine, a term coined in 1796 by Edward Jenner in England, is the process of introducing a microorganism into the body to stimulate the immune system into building a resistance and memory to the foreign invader.

From that point forward, the medical world has sought to develop biological agents (vaccines or immunizations) which will protect both us and our animals from infectious diseases. It is absolutely critical that your horse be vaccinated against several highly infectious and deadly diseases.


 Infectious Diseases

Infections need to be addressed and can sometimes be fatal. External infections are the most common and can often be treated with over the counter products. Internal infections are much more dangerous and must be treated aggressively.



Castrating your horse is an important decision that horse owners must consider. Historically, gelding has been performed to quiet horses, making them more trainable and less aggressive. There are many famous Geldings:

* Funny Cide – 2003 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Winner
* Mine that Bird – 2009 Kentucky Derby Winner

PEVS provides a safe and cost conscious castration surgery.


Parasite Control

Parasite control is not as straight forward as one would imagine.  This is the precise reason you have many different “opinions” as to what the appropriate parasite control method should be. Reaching a balance between parasite load, anthelmintic resistance, and general knowledge is our goal. There is no way to completely eliminate parasites from your horse, but we can help you manage a program which will ensure a long healthy life for your animal and/or herd.

Click here for Performance Equine Vets Parasite Control Guidelines

Traditional parasite control programs involve rotating treatment with anthelmintics at regular intervals. This approach is based on concepts and strategies developed more than 40 years ago. Frequent anthelmintic treatments are not needed to keep adult horses healthy. What is needed are properly timed treatments with effective anthelmintics administered at appropriate times of the year.

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