Internal Medicine includes a variety of conditions both acute and chronic in nature. The respiratory tract (lungs), cardiac (heart), gastrointestinal tract, neurological, ophthalmology (eye problems), dermatology (skin disorders), neonatology (pediatric medicine), endocrine (metabolic disorders), muscle disorders, liver or kidney disease, laminitis, and urogenital (urinary system) are all encompassed by internal medicine.


“Absent a correct diagnosis, medicine is poison, surgery is trauma, and alternative therapy is witchcraft.”


At Performance Equine Vets, we believe that a proper diagnosis is paramount to establishing a treatment protocol for our patients. Our diagnostic capabilities in equine medicine have improved dramatically in the last 10 years making it easier to arrive at a conclusion and therefore provide targeted treatment. It is important to us to be able to give our owners answers as to what process is affecting their horse and what treatment options are available to assist the horse in its recovery. Our state of the art hospitalization facilities, advanced diagnostic equipment, and in house laboratory allow us the opportunity to provide rapid diagnosis and therefore quickly institute a therapeutic plan for your horse.



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