Equine Cryogenics is the study of freezing and preserving embryos, semen and eggs at very low temperatures. Veterinarians can utilize cryogenic techniques to successfully offer advanced breeding and preservation services to their clients.

Freezing Semen

Owners of Stallions can successfully collect and freeze semen for future sale and use. This service provides owners with a low-cost alternative to standard insurance products.

Owners of Mares can gain access to a wider selection of Stallions due to the wide spread use of frozen semen. Insemination using frozen semen should be handled carefully by the Veterinarian to insure that ovulation has occurred at the appropriate time.

Freezing Embryos

Embryos can be harvested from a mare and frozen for future use. Additionally, a frozen embryo can be transferred into a recipient mare at a future date.

Exporting Semen or Embryos

Owners seeking to export Semen or Embryos to other countries must adhere to strict guidelines. The ability to export semen and embryos gives owners the ability to sell into the global marketplace. Destination requirements are specific to the country chosen. Please contact us today to discuss your options. 

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