“No Hoof No Horse”

The fact remains, correctly maintaining a horse’s hooves is critical to his health. Whether you’re the owner of a performance horse or back yard pet, it is important to care for your horse’s feet. Remember, no two hooves are the same and therefore cannot be treated as such. A quality farrier understands that each hoof is unique and deserves his or her attention.

Performance Horses – PEVS works directly with your farrier to manage hoof health. There are many new techniques and specialized products which address lameness in the hoof. Don’t give up on your quality performance horse. Call PEVS today!

Pleasure Horses – Give PEVS a call and we’ll help you understand the importance of a good farrier. Every horse deserves a good hoof!

Problems within the hoof can sometimes become life threatening to your horse. Something as simple as an abscess, if treated poorly, can limit your horses function down the road.


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