Performance Equine Vets Rehabilitation Center offers clients unrivalled service in equine care, therapy and rehabilitation.

We offer a full range of diagnostics, unique therapies and advanced surgical techniques to ensure that your horse receives a prompt, accurate diagnosis as well as allowing them the best opportunity for full recovery. We offer a comprehensive approach with a coordinated team effort. We realize that all the individuals involved, including the veterinarian, the caretaker, owner and the trainer are all critical components to a successful outcome.

Our Rehabilitation Center is supported by a dynamic and innovative team of experienced, highly qualified staff who are always available to assist and advise. We offer many options for rehabilitation including: therapeutic laser, electro-stimulation, iontophoresis, therapeutic ultrasound, shockwave, stem cell therapyIRAP, pro stride as well as platelet rich plasma (PRP). Our therapies are designed to complement conventional veterinary treatment. Performance Equine Vets has over 50 stalls available to providing stabling for horses receiving treatment at the Clinic.

A controlled exercise program is paramount when rehabilitating injured equine patients. Our Odyssey free-range equine exerciser has changed the way the horse industry trains and conditions its athletes. Safety and reliability are always top priorities. As the patient advances through his/her individual tailored rehabilitation program professional riders of various disciplines are utilized for under saddle work if desired.

Regardless of the level of athletic ability, our facility treats every patient from olympic level athletes to family companions. Achieving the best end result for each individual case, we are committed to the recovery of each and every patient we manage.


We are always available for a consultation.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with a Veterinarian, please call us at 803-641-0644